Below is a list of the most common questions we receive from customers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly!

The Process

Please send photos in jpeg format in low resolution

There are options to upload the images at checkout on the site or you can email them directly to [email protected]

It’s a personal choice; some people benefit from analysis into why an image didn’t quite work, other people like to find out why it did! Both are fine.

Videos come in Loom format so you will be sent a link where you can access the video or download it.

 No-you can complete the work in your own time – however if you leave it longer than a couple of weeks the assignment might not be as fresh in your mind!

I am based in the UK, so for any phone calls / live chats I am happy to be flexible depending on where you are

More Information

Absolutely, there is an option to purchase as a gift at checkout.

Yes – coaching is useful for everyone at all abilities! I also have good experience of teaching professional photographers who often find a fresh perspective useful.

No – this isn’t currently covered.

Yes – please contact me directly if you would like more information on this.

Yes it is. I am fully DRB checked but would request that the communication which takes place should be between myself and the parent or guardian if the child is under the age of 16.

The creative and technical aspects of photography apply to lots of different areas. We have had customers with a focus on: portrait, landscape, architecture, sport, travel, wedding, wildlife and documentary photography.

Yes, I have split my time between working as a photography educator and running a professional practice for 10 years. I am a qualified teacher and have contributed to teaching people at every level from evening leisure classes to teaching at University level. I have also acted as a personal mentor for select University students.

What If…?

Absolutely not! It’s as much fun teaching beginners as it is teaching experienced photographers. Wherever you currently are with your level of skill, coaching can help you enormously.

No – lots of creative aspects such as light, composition and colour theory span across any level of equipment, so it doesn’t matter what you are using.